The Law Offices of Katharine M. Nohr, LLC is dedicated to excellence in the practice of law. Katharine M. Nohr has 19 years of insurance defense litigation experience and served as a District Court Judge (per diem) from 2002 to 2005. Ms. Nohr understands the needs of insurance carriers and their insureds, having served as President of Honolulu Association of Insurance Professionals and Hawaii State Council Director for National Association of Insurance Women from 2006 to 2007. She also believes that it is essential to understand the business of insurance and risk management as an insurance defense attorney. That is why she is a CPCU and ARM candidate. Ms. Nohr regularly teaches insurance and legal classes to claims managers, claims adjusters and other insurance personnel.

Katharine M. Nohr believes that creativity is essential to the defense and resolution of any lawsuit. She also believes that the heart of her law practice is provision of excellent customer service to claims managers, adjusters, clients, insureds, as well as opposing counsel. She will return your telephone calls and answer your e-mails promptly. Ms. Nohr also believes in providing quality legal service as economically as possible.


Ms. Nohr concentrates her practice in civil litigation, including defense of bodily injury, UM/UIM, personal injury protection, coverage, and premises liability.


Ms. Nohr also handles litigation and contract matters in relation to sports, athletes, events and facilities.

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